The 1st Bitcoin Brunch

Early January in 2018 we invited a few dozen folks to our office to explore our learnings and understandings of Bitcoin.

Some of my initial take aways were:

  1. Really research the companies behind where you’re investing or setting up accounts.
  2. There is a website where companies can showcase if they recieve bitcoin or not called  I’ve not yet added Dreamosity to the map but I will.
  3. There are several entry points to bitcoin. Dive in and learn.
  4. It’s a little overwhelming so join a community. Our next event is Feburary 2nd.

I’ve taken dozens of notes, listened to a handful of podcasts, and read several articles at this point. I’ve got a lot more to learn. Stay tuned.

The workbook now is for sale!

Developing Digital You became a published product in the Fall of 2017. It’s a workbook with over 200 activities, insights, and checklists to help build the best digital you.

Looking for Dreamosity?

Hey! My site has been redirected here temporarily!

I’m going to figure out what to do with the old site since malware messed it all up. Good thing all my videos on YouTube are still there and I have most blog posts, somewhere.

Either way, change happens! Yes, and! I’d love to connect.

The story behind “Developing Digital You”

So there I was, helping a client record a stream of sales videos and it hit me. This man was going to sell millions of dollars of material online because of what we were creating. This wasn’t just Eric talking, it was digital Eric.

Eric Lofholm is my sales coach and he of course took this idea of “Digital Eric” to the next level. He wanted Digital Eric to outsell real life Eric.

We all have a digital presence. We all have an opportunity to completely transform our industries. We all have the opportunity to sell, inspire, train, and educate online.

Soon after I saw how easy it was to develop videos, Digital Marcelle was born.

I had a complete 180* turn in my perspective of advertising. I used to HATE it. I hated the idea that businesses would shove ideas and products at us 24/7. I just wanted to go hiking in the woods and take pictures of beautiful discoveries.

Now I completely embrace it because I’m on the inside.

It’s not rocket-science.

It’s not evil.

It’s an opportunity for us to share our message and our products with the world.

As you continue to develop digital you, I hope you’ll begin to see all the good you can do when you out-motivate, out-educate, out-sell, and out entertain based on your ability to embrace and leverage technology.