Developing a Digital presence?

Imagine if your digital presence could out-motivate, out-train, out-sell, and out-entertain what you were personally able to do last year. By leveraging technology you can save time, influence more people and increase revenues. This program is designed to give you an opportunity to best develop and optimize your digital you.

Meet Marcelle

Hey! For the past 7 years I've been discovering, creating, and optimizing remarkable brands online. I want to make that easy for you!

The Remarkable Room

Every room can become transform based on the ideas and the technology involved!

What others are saying about Developing Digital You meetups:

 A great place to learn and be inspired! 

Compass Social Strategies, LLC

I have learned a lot from Marcelle at Digital You. I have started to create more branded photos and started Instagram, which I had zero desire before hearing Marcelle talk about it. I am working on growing my following and having a lot of fun. Marcelle is a great teacher and I highly recommend showing up to one of her meetings and drink from her fountain of knowledge. Marcelle, you rock! 

Joyous Expansion Life Coaching

I grasped more than I expected, given my limited technology skills. 

Independent Nikken Consultant

Great in person lessons to help any business build up the digital side of their business.

King 5 News

Discover How You Can Develop Your Digital Presence in as little as 90 minutes a week!

The confidence you'll gain and the opportunities to collaborate will be so valuable!

Imagine if you could out-motivate, out-train, out-sell, and out educate because of your digital footprint.

How much more generous and profitable could you be?  Below are some of the elements in the Discovery Session.

  • Mobile tools matter

    Discover how to leverage great mobile apps to get your message out!

  • Say cheese without being cheesy

    Social imagery is a FREE strategy that we can all use better! Behind the scenes, special events and more! What does this mean to you?

  • Where is the money?

    While nobody LOVES the money, they all have a strong curiosity in the WHY, HOW, WHERE and how much. How much would you like?

Join us for our next Developing Digital You meetup for a hands on, fun, lesson filled experience.